Top 5 Energy Efficient Ways to Save

Summer is around the corner, which means Texas heat is here. Texas homeowners know all too well that the hot summer days bring higher electricity bills. We’ll share our top five energy efficient ways to save this summer!

Set Your Thermostat

A simple way to cut your electricity bill this summer is to set your thermostat with intention! According to the U.S Department of Energy, setting your thermostat to 78 degrees Fahrenheit while you are home is the ideal temperature to keep you comfortable and help you save. This step is easily forgotten but luckily programmable thermostats allow you to set different temperatures throughout the day so that you don’t have to remember to manually change the temperature every time you leave your home. When you aren’t home, setting your thermostat ten degrees higher can help cut cooling costs by ten percent!  

Use energy-efficient light globes

Switching from incandescent light bulbs to energy efficient bulbs decreases the amount of electricity consumed. Investing in energy efficient lights and other appliances may be more costly upfront, but can help you save in the long run — especially because these solutions typically have longer lifespans as well.  

Wash clothes using cold water

You’ve probably heard about both the environmental and financial benefits of conserving water. But did you know that switching your temperature setting from hot to cold can cut a laundry load’s energy use in half? Not only will this simple change save you money, but it will also help your clothes last longer. Cold water will wash your clothes just as well as hot water without breaking down fabric dyes or causing shrinkage. It’s a win, win solution.

Roof Insulation

Roof insulation isn’t just important for the cold months. Making sure you have proper roof insulation in the spring and summer can help keep the heat in your attic from entering your living space. If you are noticing high energy bills and uneven temperatures between rooms, your home might be under insulated. The best way to be sure is to have a professional take a look. Schedule a roof inspection with us today!

Installing energy efficient windows

Replacing your windows with more energy efficient options may seem like a big step, but their long-lasting benefits make them worth it. For greater thermal efficiency, consider installing low-emissivity, also known as Low-E, glass windows because they reflect radiant infrared energy. This helps keep heat from entering your home, blocking harmful UV rays while still letting in visible light. Another great energy efficient window option is vinyl windows. Vinyl is an excellent insulator with great thermal properties that help control the temperature of your home.

Taking the initiative to make these changes will result in energy savings that are absolutely worth the effort! Don’t wait until your energy bill has skyrocketed to take action.