Be Prepared and Protect your Home from Texas Storm Damage

Texas climate is notorious for being unpredictable, but we do know that spring means storm season. With heavy rains, high winds and hail, your home’s roof will need to withstand a lot of stress this time of year. Here are a few preventive measures you can take ahead of time to take to make sure your home is protected against Texas storm damage.

Check your Homeowners Insurance

The process of filing an insurance claim can be stressful. To be prepared, learn how much coverage your homeowner’s insurance offers and make sure you have sufficient coverage to protect you from possible storm damage Here is what is typically covered by your home insurance policy, but we always recommend reading the fine print!

Roof Inspection

During high wind storms, exterior layers of your roof surface can be blown off, leaving your home unprotected. This happens when your roof shingles are loose, roof edges are not sealed or shingles are not properly installed. A well-installed roof guards your home against high winds and heavy rain during storm season. It’s important to check the health of your roof, especially if it’s more than twenty-years-old. No need to break out the ladder, we offer free inspections year-round.

Unsure if Your Roof is Damaged?

There are several factors to consider when checking the health of your roof. One of the most important factors is when it was last replaced. If your roof is more than twenty years old, there is a good chance you might need a complete replacement. If it’s within the 20-year range, we suggest spot checking for signs of possible roof damage like loose shingles, or a leak in the attic. Check out our blog, 5 signs you might need a new roof, where we identify signs that could indicate your roof is in need of repairs.

With storm season upon us, don’t hesitate to get a roof inspection and protect your home from possible Texas storm damage. At Birdcreek Roofing we pride ourselves on helping Texas homeowners, which is why we offer free roof inspections! Schedule your consultation with us today.