Storm Damage | What Home Insurance Covers

Central Texas homeowners know that anything is possible in regards to our weather patterns. From flooding in Houston, hail in Dallas and tornados in San Antonio – we’ve seen it all. What we’ve also noticed in our roles as Insurance Claim Consultants, is that many homeowners aren’t aware of what exactly their home insurance policy covers. We’ve seen both scenarios; when a homeowner is surprised to learn that their re-roof is fully covered and when a homeowner realizes they’ll have to pay out of pocket to cover the cost of repair. The language within your home insurance policy can seem particularly broad. We’ll go over some weather-related scenarios that have the potential to damage your roof and are typically covered by a home insurance policy:

Lightning strikes – In the case that your home is struck by lightning during a storm, the average home insurance policy will cover the resulting damage to the home. However, you’ll have to read your particular policy regarding power surges and whether your electronics are included in the protection.

Windstorms and hail – Damage from high winds, whether from a tornado or not, should be covered by your policy. This also expands to cover hail damage. If rain gets inside following a broken window due to hail or wind, the necessary repairs on the inside of your home should also be covered.

Falling objects – This could technically include a meteor or any miscellaneous object, but it most often refers to falling trees. A fallen tree could lead to the need for a multitude of repairs, from a complete re-roof to several window replacements, all of which are usually covered.

Weight of ice, snow or sleet – Although it’s especially uncommon for roofs to cave in due to the weight of ice, snow or sleet in Texas, it is covered in the event we have an unusually late snow storm!

Water damage – Damage that occurs from a “sudden and accidental” cause is covered. This includes a water heater or pipe that randomly bursts. However, the source of the damage is not typically covered. So if your washing machine breaks mid-cycle and leaves you with damaged floors, the floor damage is covered, but the cost of repairing or replacing the washing machine is not. As for weather related, flood damage is not covered by your home insurance policy. Flood insurance is a completely separate policy that you should inquire about if you live in an area that is susceptible to flooding.

We recommend that you think of your home insurance policy like any other legal agreement. It pays to read the fine print and have a thorough discussion with your insurance agent about what exactly your policy does and does not cover. As a homeowner, you hope to never have to deal with any of the above scenarios, but you’ll be especially thankful for your home insurance policy should storm damage occur. It is our goal to guide you through our roofing and restoration process – from educating you on the insurance claim process, scheduling construction on the days that work for you and helping you get your home and your life back!