Helping Texas Homeowners with Legacy Collective

With our tagline being “Helping Texas Homeowners,” we certainly couldn’t just stand by and watch as Texas struggled to put their homes and their lives back together after Hurricane Harvey swept through our state. So we got to work, with many of our team members traveling to Houston and the Gulf Coast to do what we do best — complete storm damage restoration.

Unfortunately, it is during this time of need that many companies from out of state rush to the scene — only to accept a deposit for work they never intend to perform. Inexperienced contractors are also eager for work, which results in low-quality repairs that end up costing the homeowner in the future. We offer and promote our services because we know that the homeowner is protected with warranties on the products we use, the work we perform & given a number they can always reach us at. We have local teams across Texas, consisting of many members that have been personally affected by this natural disaster and they are treating each homeowner as if they were his own family member.

As a company, we are very passionate about not just “taking” business, but “giving” in the communities that we are working to rebuild. In order to demonstrate this value, we are donating a portion of proceeds from our storm damage restoration and roofing projects to Legacy Collective, a non-profit we believe will give to Harvey victims in a sustainable way. We choose to join Legacy Collective’s #Heart4Texas Campaign because of their commitment to fund a diverse network of local organizations and leaders — which we deem necessary for long-term recovery.

While it is heartbreaking to see the devastation that has happened in our communities, we will recover and rebuild with the help of one another. That’s the true definition of Helping Texas Homeowners.