Get to Know Our Area Directors: Ron Broussard

Ron Broussard

Our approach as a business is to put people first. While this undoubtedly applies to our customers, it first begins with our employees. Our Area Directors are dedicated to continually improving as individuals, while also building up the team members around them. After one conversation with Dallas/Ft. Worth Area Director Ron Broussard, it is clear that he embodies our people first approach when guiding homeowners through our roofing & restoration process.

When and How did you get started with Birdcreek Roofing?

I started with Bircreek Roofing about two years ago. A friend of mine that I served with overseas worked for Birdcreek and thought I would be a good fit. After a discussion with Nate, I realized I indeed wanted to be a part of this company.

Why is Birdcreek Roofing a good fit for you?

When I tell people about Birdcreek, I communicate that Nate is the best boss I’ve ever had. Nate invests all of his time, money and resources into us as people, rather than just the financial growth of the company. Nate’s dedication to helping each team member succeed and ensuring that each of us has a stake in this business is what made me want to join this company. I love helping people and our approach ensures that people come first, not profit.

What area(s) do you serve?

I serve as the Dallas/Ft.Worth Area Director, but being ex-military guy — I am familiar with many communities and often travel to Austin and San Antonio to help homeowners wherever I’m needed.

What is your favorite thing about your community?

The fact that it’s such a growing and diverse metropolis, which allows me to help people from all over the country, and the world! Each week, I get to introduce homeowners to Birdcreek and show them how we treat our customers like friends.

Which step of the Birdcreek Roofing Process do you most enjoy and why? Consultation, Construction, or Follow-Through?

There’s a particular moment of each step that I enjoy most. I enjoy the consultation because there’s a point in that process when you see the lightbulb go on – they realize they’re working with a different kind of company. I like being hands-on while the installation is happening, which tends to be a welcome surprise to homeowners. And lastly, there’s a particular moment during the Follow-through, when we’re walking around the house and the customer shakes my hand and smiles. I recognize the look of relief and appreciation for the service we provide.

Give an example of #HelpingTexasHomeowners?

On one occasion, an elderly woman approached me while I was at a gas station. She explained that her husband had passed away and she was in need of a new roof. She noticed my truck and asked if I could help. I drove over to her home and after inspecting her roof, I was sure insurance would cover her claim. Within days, she had a new roof and was visibly relieved to have that taken care of. To me, this is the definition of Helping Texas Homeowners.

If Ron Broussard has guided you through our roofing and restoration process in Dallas/Ft.Worth, please leave him a review on our Facebook page! If it’s time for a free roof inspection, you can reach Ron at 337-962-8597 or send him an email at