Get to Know Our Area Directors: Brandon Surface

Brandon Surface

In order to help Texas homeowners, we first had to build a team that was equally dedicated to our mission. As a key position in our company, Area Director Brandon Surface is responsible for representing Birdcreek Roofing in the greater Houston area. He is also in charge of training newer roofing consultants on our particular roofing restoration process. Because of his commitment, each Birdcreek team member is a true representation of who we are as a company.

Learn more about Brandon Surface and how he came to be an Area Director serving homeowners in Houston, Texas.

When and How did you get started with Birdcreek Roofing?

I started as a salesman in June of 2014. I took an early retirement from being a teacher and coach for 10 years to pursue roofing as my next full-time profession. I had previously been selling roofs as supplemental income but when I met Nate I knew that selling roofs full-time would be the best thing for me and my family. I met Nate through a mutual friend who was also selling with Nate at the time.

Why is Birdcreek Roofing a good fit for you?

Birdcreek is a perfect fit for me because it isn’t the typical construction company model. Many of the companies I worked with previously were consumed with making money only. Nate’s model is different. Yes, we are making money, but our model is primarily designed around helping the customer first and helping other salesmen succeed. I also like the fact that the company is based around God and family. Nate’s faith is apparent in how decisions are made. Our company is strong because God is involved – helping Nate make the right decisions.

What area(s) do you serve?

I serve the greater Houston area. It is a vast area but a great area to work in. The people are usually very easy to work with and are grateful for our services. I grew up in the area so I am familiar with the citizens, which helps me serve them and their needs a little easier.

What is your favorite thing about your community?

The favorite thing about my community is how down to earth most people are that I deal with on a daily basis. Most of the people I deal with are good hardworking people who want to be made whole again. I am happy to serve those people and help them get their homes back to normal.

Which step of the Birdcreek Roofing Process do you most enjoy and why? Consultation, Construction, or Follow-Through?

My favorite part of the process is the end result. I like looking back at the end of the day and seeing a customer completely satisfied with the work that was performed. It makes me feel good to know that I not only helped my customer but I also helped a number of people who were involved in the process. It is a very gratifying feeling to be able to help others.

Give an example of #HelpingTexasHomeowners…

I have so many instances where I’ve helped a Texas homeowner that it is cumbersome to pick only one example. I had an elderly lady who was taken advantage of by another roofing company. She had given a deposit of $2,000 dollars and the company disappeared and never came back to do the work. I ended up covering the cost that was taken and put the roof on for her. We took a bad situation and made a good thing out of it. I believe that we are on this earth to praise God and help others. I am truly blessed to be able to do what I do and to teach others how to do it as well.
If you’ve had the pleasure of working with Brandon, please leave him a review on our Facebook page — he’d love to hear from you! If you live in the Houston area and would like to get in contact with Brandon, you can call him at 979-676-2109 or send him an email at